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The Importance of Maintaining Your WordPress Site

In today’s fast paced and hyper-competitive business world the need for a strong and effective digital marketing strategy is not only necessary but warranted. If any of these digital marketing operations are examined it is readily apparent that most businesses hire an outside firm to make their website.

Many businesses choose this outside web design firm for the purpose of:

  • Developing a WordPress website
  • Overseeing content flow
  • Administering users

Tragically, many businesses lack the foresight to realize that the long-term site maintenance is vitally important. The three aforementioned criteria for hiring an outside firm shouldn’t be neglected but having a long term plan provides stability through preparation which will set your business up for success as you move forward. 

Here are 4 of the most important reasons you will need to keep your site maintained and up to date on the backend of WordPress. 

1. Hackers

This is a serious concern that businesses must be wary of. Contrary to common belief there are people who prey on small and weak sites. These individuals may want to steal bitcoin, mine consumer data, or hijack your bandwidth. All of these things should be prevented and avoided, which can be done if your WordPress sight is kept up to date and virus free. Which will allow your business to run smoothly without any interference from hackers. 

2. Keep the Site Running Smoothly

This should go without saying but if any business wishes to succeed in the hyper-competitive marketplace of today then your website must run smoothly and seamlessly. WordPress is an extremely valuable multipurpose tool that can help you compose a piece of digital marketing genius, but if not used properly it can create a nightmare just as easily. Like with any fine tool, WordPress must be tended to and constantly over-watched to ensure that the site remains at its maximum efficiency. This will require working on the back end updating any plugins or themes that you are using as well as updating the newest version of WordPress itself. These updates should be done at least twice a month. 

3. Boost Your Search Engine Results

Search engines check updated websites and tend to give them better search results than those whose websites are not up to date and maintained. Adding content to your site regularly will definitely get you better results in Google than if you have the same content for years on end. This also pertains to updates software on your site, including the newest version of WordPress and plugins.

4. Make a Good Impression

The importance of making a good impression with every costumer your business comes into contact with is incredibly important and cannot be stressed enough. Each time your business is seen by a new person that is an interaction which can either boost your company’s sales and popularity or allow you to remain stagnant. Often times your company’s site is the only place they can have a real first impression with your brand. So it is paramount that your company’s site exudes the same image and vibe you want your company to show. This can all be maximized and leveraged through clever WordPress usage so send us a email and we’d be happy to show you what we do! If your company has slacked off when it comes to adding content there are some easy fixes to give your site a face lift. Blog posts are a great way to interact with the public and offer new exciting updates about upcoming releases or products.

There are many things that can go wrong with your site if you don’t keep it updated on the backend of WordPress. You will have to be doing bi-weekly to weekly maintenance from updating plugins, to backing up the site, to writing blogs. It is best to keep a schedule to keep you organized and up to date on your site. Or you can always get the Bright Light Media’s maintenance package so you don’t even have to think about it and your site will always be running smoothly. 

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