With malware and hacking ever evolving, and the onset of the next phase of AI fraud, we want to make sure our customers’ emails and websites are staying secure. Below are some helpful tips and services to keep your online assets running smooth in 2024.

New Passwords

New Year, New You, right? With data breaches, password leaks, and phishing scams sadly being a common occurrence, it is always good practice to update your passwords yearly to stay ahead of the curve. We highly recommend logging into your websites and updating all admin user passwords to keep your sites safe.

Retired User Cleanup

Did someone leave the company recently… or a while ago? It’s important to remove obsolete user credentials from your website and be sure to attribute their content to another admin so the work is not lost or deleted.

Need help? Reach out to Bright Light and we’ll guide you through the process to clean up your website’s user base and keep your content intact.

Let’s make sure your email is delivered in 2024.

Starting February 1st, email providers like Google and Yahoo! will enforce new requirements for what mail they’ll accept and transmit to users’ inboxes. In April 2024, a small percentage of the non-compliant mail will be rejected (undelivered) and that percentage will gradually increase over time.

Similar to when web browsers started to mark websites without an HTTPS connection as “not secure,” best practices become requirements.

The good news is everyone will gain a safer, less spammy inbox, and Bright Light can help ensure your email is delivered as intended. To avoid potential delivery issues, contact us to ensure your domain name settings (DNS) are configured correctly.

Reach out to schedule a time with the Bright Light team to make sure your emails are secure and delivered in 2024.