Looking to track how your website is doing but don’t know where to start or what to use? Google analytics is a great free and easy application to use to track your site. With the recent launch of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in July, here is a helpful list of some of the main benefits of using Google Analytics.


Perhaps one of the most alluring aspects of Google is how accessible it is to anyone. Any person who has a Gmail account can begin using Google’s marketing tools instantly and free of charge. This aspect may be especially alluring for smaller companies who need to manage expenditures. 

Ability to See How Consumers Find Your Company

With Google Analytics (GA) you can see which keywords people are using to find your site. This is an incredibly valuable tool which can allow your company to explore new avenues to bring more traffic to your site. In specific, GA  allows you to not just focus on how to optimize the keywords that already are drawing people to your site, but you will also discover other keywords you can begin optimizing to generate more traffic on your site.

See How much People are Engaging with Your Site

When consumers click on your page they will do one of a few things 1. they will glance at your site and then exit your page with no interaction at all (this is referred to as Bounce Rate), 2. they will go to your page and then get distracted so they will end up checking on other open tabs (Pages/Sessions), 3. or they will enter your page and interact with your site for a certain duration before logging off (Average Session Duration). These three things happen often on the internet and Google Analytics gives you have the ability to track your consumers’ Bounce Rate, see the number of Pages they visit, and observe how long they spend on your site on average. Google offers all of these wonderful tools which can give your marketing team a real insight into how much activity is happening on your site rather than just visits. 

Easy to Read Data

Not only does Google Analytics give you variety of data points to study and act on, but it also shows this data in easy to read graphs which can provide clarity to the massive blocks of data being analyzed. Rest assured, with Google Analytics your data will be coherently displayed and easy to understand. 

Study Your Competition 

Since so many companies are already using the benefits of Google to maximize their marketing platforms this can give your company the unique opportunity to keep an eye on competitors without violating any rules. For instance, Google Analytics allows you to have some insight into your competitors popularity and their site activity. This is incredibly useful considering that you can view and compare how many consumers you encounter daily versus how many people are visiting their site daily. This can all be used to your benefit, by seeing what works for your competitor you can use some of their approaches or styles to enhance your site’s effectiveness to be more like theirs in terms of useful content, aesthetics, etc. 

Anticipate and Know Where to Advertise in the Future

Social media is without a doubt one of the most active platforms in advertising today and with Google Analytics your company can make better sense out of the data on these sites which in turn will allow you to better advertise by seeing which social media sites your consumers use.

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