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Strategies for Developing An Effective E-Commerce Platform

E-Commerce industry has been experiencing steady growth over the years and is expected to keep growing. It has even been predicted by many that global retail e-commerce revenue will amount to over $4.6 trillion by 2021. 

Do your products have no real online presence? If the answer is no, now is the time to hop on that train! Here are a few trends you should be following to boost sales on your site.


Have you ever opened up Amazon only to realize that the first page and all the recommended items for sale seem to fall directly in line with all your past interests and purchases? Well, you are not alone, websites such as Amazon and others use personal data such as previous search entries and purchase histories to develop a specific profile for each costumer. In turn, this allows Amazon to better tend to their consumers’ needs by creating a personalized experience. This type of customization is not only being used on Amazon but by other smaller sites as well. This trend will continue as personalization tech becomes easier to integrate into online shopping platforms. 

Another way you will see personalization popping up in e-commerce sites are subscription boxes. Sites like Stitch Fix offer to send you clothes each month based on a style quiz you take when you make an account. These are personalized boxes that are specific to the customer and their needs. Even big brands like Nordstrom have taken up on this trend. They are not just for clothes! You can get a subscription box  for just about anything ranging from food, makeup, video games, even one for your dog.

AI Chatbots

You will see Chatbots all over online stores these days. These bots are designed to enhance your consumers shopping experience by allowing  them a chance to get answers in real time. This feature allows your company to address your consumers concerns in real time while also gaining valuable feedback on your consumers shopping experience, interests, etc. 

AI assistants are capable of handling a handful of duties that normally tasked to a human. These tasks include, but are not limited to, overseeing inventory, managing the bookkeeping process, and fulfilling  customer service needs. These assistants are wonderful employees for due to the fact that their skill set is ever-growing and by being so capable these AI chatbots can take on a lot of time consuming tasks while not being as expensive as hiring a new employee. This allows you to ignore tedious tasks so that you can focus on running your business. While you scheme and strategize on how to better your business your AI chatbot will continue to evolve and learn from past experiences and consumer interactions. This means that your AI chatbot is always learning so that the consumers personalized shopping experience is as optimized and streamlined as possible. The good news is that they are not hard to set up! Many tools like HubSpot’s Chatbot Builder allow you to create your own bot for free.

Interactive Images

A good product image is vital for your e-commerce site. Consumers need to see the product when they are buying online, this means that they want multiple images with the option to zoom in and see the product in detail. Pictures are not just 2-Dimensional on websites anymore, there are a number of sites who have switched to using three dimensional (3D) pictures to showcase their products. This allows consumers to click, drag, and see the product from every imaginable angle while they rotate the product on the screen. This 3D picture technology is advancing rapidly so we can expect to see much more of this in the future. This is the wave of the future, but in the mean time a good substitute to 3D picture display is to accompany your pictures with a few quick videos on the site. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising platforms in existence. Facebook allows you to target people with a level of specificity that is hard to recreate. They have accrued so much data on their users that they can target the most unique and specific target markets allowing companies to advertise with ease. 

First you will want to find a specific product you want to showcase on your ad. This product, whatever it may be, fulfills a need or a purpose, this need is unique to a certain group of consumers and that is who we are going after. It is best to run a few ads simultaneously while you are figuring out what works best for the audience you are targeting. After a couple weeks of testing you should be able to tell what is working best and what isn’t. The ads that aren’t working can be taken down while effective ads can be left in place. Remember to keep updating them though! People will lose interest if they keep seeing the same ads. 

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a very powerful tool for growing your brands popularity and sales. 65% of people on Instagram are looking for online shopping inspiration or for  new brands to use. So if your brand doesn’t have a stellar Instagram presence then you are missing out on a lot of sales. 

Instagram allows you to market your products as you want, bolster your brand’s presence and image, and connect to your customers. If you want to read more about creating an effective instagram post click here.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies because many people check their email everyday. Email marketing allows you to send  promotional ads to people on your email list. Just today, I’ve received a promotional email from Dominos Pizza offering me 50% off all menu pizzas. Additionally, I also received one from backcountry.com offering free shipping and highlighting some of their new products. These emails are meant to catch my attention and make me start shopping.  Sending the occasional email with the announcement of a sale or telling customers about new products helps get people to your site. 

How do you start an email list? Well, you need a good offer for them to be willing to give up their email address. For example offer a 10% discount on a product or service that will be sent via email. Or offer a free e-book or informational pamphlet. These are just a few ideas but the options are really endless and every email you gain is a victory because it is one more consumer you can target for as long as you have their email.

Content Marketing

Creating content for your site gets your site more recognition from search engines like Google. This consists of all the data on your website including blogs, videos, and any other information or images you have up there. 

Many companies have found that writing blogs about their niche community really brought traffic to their website. In those blogs you can highlight a service or product you sell promoting sales. This also works with youtube videos. 

However make sure you are making content for subjects that have search demand to ensure you aren’t just adding useless and uninteresting content. 

The Importance of Maintaining Your WordPress Site

In today’s fast paced and hyper-competitive business world the need for a strong and effective digital marketing strategy is not only necessary but warranted. If any of these digital marketing operations are examined it is readily apparent that most businesses hire an outside firm to make their website.

Many businesses choose this outside web design firm for the purpose of:

  • Developing a WordPress website
  • Overseeing content flow
  • Administering users

Tragically, many businesses lack the foresight to realize that the long-term site maintenance is vitally important. The three aforementioned criteria for hiring an outside firm shouldn’t be neglected but having a long term plan provides stability through preparation which will set your business up for success as you move forward. 

Here are 4 of the most important reasons you will need to keep your site maintained and up to date on the backend of WordPress. 

1. Hackers

This is a serious concern that businesses must be wary of. Contrary to common belief there are people who prey on small and weak sites. These individuals may want to steal bitcoin, mine consumer data, or hijack your bandwidth. All of these things should be prevented and avoided, which can be done if your WordPress sight is kept up to date and virus free. Which will allow your business to run smoothly without any interference from hackers. 

2. Keep the Site Running Smoothly

This should go without saying but if any business wishes to succeed in the hyper-competitive marketplace of today then your website must run smoothly and seamlessly. WordPress is an extremely valuable multipurpose tool that can help you compose a piece of digital marketing genius, but if not used properly it can create a nightmare just as easily. Like with any fine tool, WordPress must be tended to and constantly over-watched to ensure that the site remains at its maximum efficiency. This will require working on the back end updating any plugins or themes that you are using as well as updating the newest version of WordPress itself. These updates should be done at least twice a month. 

3. Boost Your Search Engine Results

Search engines check updated websites and tend to give them better search results than those whose websites are not up to date and maintained. Adding content to your site regularly will definitely get you better results in Google than if you have the same content for years on end. This also pertains to updates software on your site, including the newest version of WordPress and plugins.

4. Make a Good Impression

The importance of making a good impression with every costumer your business comes into contact with is incredibly important and cannot be stressed enough. Each time your business is seen by a new person that is an interaction which can either boost your company’s sales and popularity or allow you to remain stagnant. Often times your company’s site is the only place they can have a real first impression with your brand. So it is paramount that your company’s site exudes the same image and vibe you want your company to show. This can all be maximized and leveraged through clever WordPress usage so send us a email and we’d be happy to show you what we do! If your company has slacked off when it comes to adding content there are some easy fixes to give your site a face lift. Blog posts are a great way to interact with the public and offer new exciting updates about upcoming releases or products.

There are many things that can go wrong with your site if you don’t keep it updated on the backend of WordPress. You will have to be doing bi-weekly to weekly maintenance from updating plugins, to backing up the site, to writing blogs. It is best to keep a schedule to keep you organized and up to date on your site. Or you can always get the Bright Light Media’s maintenance package so you don’t even have to think about it and your site will always be running smoothly. 

Get started today!