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Howdy! Welcome to your Client Portal. Here you are be able to view your project roadmap, track the current status of your project(s), as well as quickly link to important documents and assets.


☑ Project Contract Approved

☑ Project Deposit

Kickoff Meeting – WalkthroughProject Roadmap

Collect Initial Client Assets (via Dropbox)


☑ Web Design Questionnaire

☑ Existing Website Audit

☑ Site Map (v1)

Site Map Revisions (v2)

Site Map Approval

Web Wireframes (v1)

Web Wireframes Revisions (v2)

Web Wireframes Approval

Approved July 5th by Jeff Jensen

? WEB DESIGN (Phase 2)

☐ Web Design Mockups (v1)

☐ Web Design Mockup Revisions (v2)

☐ Web Design Mockup Revisions (v3)

☐ Web Design Mockups Approved

☐ Next Project Deposit Received


☐ Collect All Existing Client Content (Products, Photos, Etc

☐ Collect All Existing Client Photography and Brand Imagery

☐ Share Client Content Document

☐ Collect and review completed Content Document from client

☐ Source Any Stock Images (If necessary)

☐ Implement All Content into Beta Website for Review


☐ Stye Sheets

☐ Web Templates

☐ Custom Post Types

☐ Content Implementation

☐ Beta Site Review #1

☐ Client Review Meeting

☐ Beta Site Revisions (1 Round of Revisions)

☐ Client Review Meeting #2

☐ Beta Site Approval – Approved 00/00/2022


☐ Collect Client Credentials (Hosting, Domain, etc)

☐ Request SEO Terms / Descriptions

☐ Google Analytics

☐ Client Approval for Launch –

☐ Launch New Site! ?

☐ Google Index

☐ Final Project Invoice

☐ Schedule Client Walkthrough

☐ Complete Client Walkthrough